GEM Drives
To complement the eWheel, PML offers the eDrive to ensure smooth control of electric wheel motors at low controlled speeds.

The PML eDrive is an extremely efficient, complete control system for battery powered vehicles that incorporate wheel motor technology, such as the PML eWheel.

Designed for driving 3 phase brushless DC wheel motors, the eDrive range is the ideal choice for all applications ranging from commercial scooters and neighbourhood electic vehicles to industrial warehouse transportation systems and specialist military applications.

Standard Design Benefits include:
  • Switch Mode power supply allows use with any battery in the range 12-72V
  • PWM Controller
  • Can provide 6-step or 12-step traction for advanced smooth motor commutation
  • PC interface via RS232 for viewing and programming system parameters
  • CAN Bus high speed parallel communications link allowing multiple drives to be 'daisy chained' together for multiple wheel drive applications
  • Built in system log for diagnostic purposes
  • Regenrative braking, electronically controlled
  • Static braking option, controller software activated
  • Automatic fault protection
  • Revolutionary MEO function phase advance system advances switching to ensure motor current and voltage are in phase dramatically reducing I2R losses, maximising efficiency.

    Safety Features
  • Solid state relay will act as a switch between the battery and power circuits.
    - power circuits enabled if all start up checks are successful.
    - power disconnected if run time faults are detected.
  • Hardware Watchdog will monitor a 50Hz 50% duty cycle watchdog pulse from the microprocessor
    - Power circuits will be disabled if frequency varies by more than 5%
    - Power disabled if the onboard voltage drops below 15V and/or the Emergency Stop button is pressed.
  • Emergeny stop button (optional)
  • Start up checks
  • Run time checks
  • Typical Applications
    Electric Scooters
    Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles
    Golf carts/buggies
    Industrial Transportation Vehicles
    Airport Luggage and runway vehicles
    Specialist Military Applications


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